Bible Exploration Game Gate Zero Hits 50% Kickstarter Funding In Just 9 Hours

Published: June 8, 2023 10:35 AM /


The player crouching in front of the Holy Grail (yes, really) and being prompted to pick it up in the Bible game Gate Zero

Bible exploration game Gate Zero has reached a pretty impressive Kickstarter milestone right out of the gate. The campaign launched just a couple of days ago and reached 50% funding within nine hours, and at time of writing, it's currently sitting at over 75% funding, which ain't bad for a couple of days' worth of campaigning.

In November last year, the Bible - that is, the actual Bible - launched on Steam. That's all well and good, of course, but what if you want to go into the world of the Bible and explore it like you were really there? That's what Gate Zero promises to let you do; it's a story-rich stealth adventure in which you can meet and interact with characters from the Bible, including Jesus himself.

The Kickstarter page for Gate Zero promises the ability to experience the Bible in a "refreshing, interactive way"; you'll interact with Bible stories up close, complete missions and gather items for Biblical figures, and explore the historical world of 1st-century Jerusalem and its surroundings. 

Intriguingly, Gate Zero actually has a futuristic framing device, too; it takes place in the year 2072 in the dystopian world of Terrapolis (don't worry, we're still talking about the Bible game here). You must solve the riddle of your grandmother's pearl in order to unlock its secrets and potentially win her inheritance, whatever it might be. Think Assassin's Creed crossed with Ready Player One (albeit with less combat) and you're most of the way there, it seems.

Gate Zero is being worked on by a team of developers that apparently includes staff from projects like Assassin's Creed Black FlagStar Citizen, and Moons of Madness, as well as, er, Goat Simulator. Don't expect any wacky physics moments in Gate Zero, though. The project, which is currently asking for 200,000 euro, has a number of stretch goals as well, including extra Bible events, new quests, and new locations.

Initially, Gate Zero is being planned for a PC release, but developer Bible X says that if its stretch goals are met, it will also port the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. There will also be a mobile app available that other players can use in order to influence the world of the game and help the main player complete tasks.

It sounds like a pretty darn ambitious project, so if you're interested in an interactive world that teaches you all about Biblical scripture, you should be keeping an eye on this one. At time of writing, you've got 27 more days to add to the game's total on Kickstarter. You don't get to play as Jesus, though, more's the pity; you'll have to wait for I Am Jesus Christ for that privilege.


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