Gassy Mob - a game about farting on people

Published: August 19, 2015 7:55 PM /


Gassy Mob Logo

Devolver Digital announced today that they are publishing a new mobile game called Gassy MobAs the name suggests, it's themed around gas or rather expelling it from one's posterior. Created by Flee Punk the game features a cute and minimalist aesthetic and interesting game-play.

If you can get over the childish theme Gassy Mob actually looks pretty fun. Play as an adorable little character with a propensity for farting in a whimsical world. The problem is that the unfortunate victims of your flatulence get angry and try and chase you down.

As you play the angry mob will continue to grow bigger and bigger. You'll have to use the power of farts to stay ahead of them and diminish their numbers. Chain together combos to rack up points and get your best score. It seems the farting that got you into this situation will also help you get out of it.

Keeping with the theme you power up your  farts by eating food Stick of Truth style. You'll have to use those gassy abilities to keep the angry mob at bay, avoid obstacles and traps. You can even chain together fart attacks or set off a great big stink bomb for powerful effects in Gassy Mob.

Gassy Mob

Gassy Mob is an arcade style mobile game. It will have randomly generated levels to keep each play through interesting. The worlds include themes from quaint towns to treacherous terrain.

Throughout the game players will accrue money that can be used to purchase zany items and curious companions to upgrade your farting abilities. This reeks of micro-transactions but the game isn't going to be free-to-play. 

Upon release Gassy Mob will cost $2.99. It will launch on iOS first later this year and will be coming to Android in 2016. To learn more about Gassy Mob check out the web site here.

Gassy Mob

What do you think? Is a game about farting too silly or just silly enough?


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