Gas Station Simulator 'Can Touch This' DLC Delayed to Mid-May

Published: May 9, 2022 3:43 PM /


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The Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC has been delayed to next week due to technical complications, but the base game update is still on track to arrive on time.

First released in late 2021, Gas Station Simulator has already had a few updates such as the one which improved car washes. Its developer revealed a roadmap and its first DLC earlier this year. Now, a new trailer shows off some new features coming in the game's next big update -- along with the announcement that the Can Touch This DLC has been pushed back to next week.

The Can Touch This DLC was supposed to coincide with an update to the base game this week. This update will add several new features, including the following:

  • Decorations around the gas station can now be removed and placed in different spots. The placement itself has also been improved.
  • Delivery drivers stay inside the vehicle, so they will drive away faster.
  • See how much you have in stock already when ordering.
  • And much more you are going to see on Thursday.

These new features (and more) are coming to the base game this Thursday. Unfortunately, a "conflict" between the base game and the DLC has arisen, and that has resulted in a one-week delay for the Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC.

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When is the Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC Release Date?

The Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This DLC release date is May 18, 2022, one week later than originally planned according to today's announcement. While that delay might be disappointing to some, there's one piece of good news: the base game update will still arrive on Thursday, May 12.

You'll be able to play with all of the new DLC features late next week. For now, you can enjoy all of the fun in the original game by buying Gas Station Simulator for PC via Steam at the price of $19.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also add the Can Touch This DLC to your wishlist on Steam.

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