Gamevice is Trying to Block U.S. Imports of the Nintendo Switch

Published: April 1, 2020 10:03 AM /


A Gamevice in the wild.

Gamevice has launched yet another lawsuit against Nintendo, because they haven't learned from the last time that they attempted to sue Nintendo.

Earlier this year, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board invalidated all 19 claims that the gamepad maker brought forward to Nintendo, with the overlying claim being that Nintendo infringed on a patent that it had created for its Wikipad gaming device. Well, the courts thought they didn't, so Gamevice should have been done suing Nintendo, right?


Well, no, because Gamevice has filed another patent-infringement complaint against Nintendo, with the gaming company infringing a patent last August for a game controller, with the complaint filed on March 27. They are aiming to stop the U.S. import of Nintendo Switches due to this, because they have apparently infringed on Gamevice's patent.

Now Nintendo might be in another long court battle if the ITC agrees to investigate Gamevice's complaint, which is just what we need in these trying times: another frivolous lawsuit. They are still appealing the last lawsuit, too, so this might just go on forever. I guess we'll see.

Quick Take:

I get that every company wants to make some quick cash, but there are better ways to make some money. How about making compelling products that people actually want to use? Whoops, is that too hard? Well, how about some advertising for the products you already have? Too hard again? Well, why are you in the video game business if all you're going to do is sue Nintendo because you're too lazy to do anything constructive? Go away, Gamevice. TechRaptor is sick of writing stupid articles about you.

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