GameStop To Offer Full Store Credit Refunds Within 48 Hours Of Launch

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GameStop To Offer Full Store Credit Refunds Within 48 Hours Of Launch

April 18, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


GameStop is offering full refunds of games within 48 hours of launch via store credit. The promotion will begin with the upcoming Sony zombie-'em-up Days Gone.

The new promo is titled 'Guaranteed to Love It.' Speaking to Polygon, GameStop described the promo as "a testament that GameStop is committed to giving power to the players". The promo is designed to give players peace of mind after purchasing a game from the company's stores. At the outset, it seems only Days Gone will be included in the promo, and we don't yet know whether any edition other than the $59.99 standard edition is covered. Considering there's a name and a brand identity for the promo, though, it would be odd for it to end with this single game.

This news comes after a pretty difficult year for GameStop. The company recently posted a net loss of $673 million for the 2018 fiscal year. The main cause for this is likely to be the proliferation of digital distribution and streaming services, meaning GameStop can't claim to have lower prices than digital alternatives. In addition, some of today's most successful video games aren't even getting boxed releases (lookin' at you, Apex Legends). It makes sense for GameStop to try something new in that regard, although it's not massively dissimilar to the way Steam allows players to return games.

The Guaranteed to Love It promo was announced shortly after new CEO George Sherman took over operations at GameStop. It's likely that it's part of a push to try and attract more customers to the store. It's sad to imagine brick-and-mortar game stores going under, but time will tell whether they need to pull out more stops than this in order to keep customers away from attractive digital deals and convenience.


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