GameStop Listing Shows 10 Full Price Switch Games, No Titles Yet

Published: June 5, 2018 11:40 AM /


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Nintendo is now only a week away from showing off their plans for E3 but it seems GameStop has almost jumped the gun adding 10 full price Switch titles to their online inventory. After updating their system one GameStop employee found that there were plenty of new mystery games still awaiting their titles.

From the image below we can see the 10 Switch games showing up in GameStop's database. There, unfortunately, isn't too much else to glean from this image through as the title have not been added and there are no release dates listed. The one relevant piece of information we can gather is that these games are listed for the full retail price. While we won't know for certain until next week what Nintendo has in store for us we can assume they have a lot lined up for us.

Nintendo has already stated that their E3 2018 presence will focus on games that are going to be releasing this year. It's important to remember before the E3 hype completely takes over that of these 10 titles they could be games that we've already heard about such as Metroid Prime 4 or a new Fire Emblem game. As the GameStop online store already has listings for Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Let's Go, and Yoshi for Nintendo Switch it is unlikely that it is these titles.

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It wasn't just the Switch that had new items added into the GameStop database either as we see multiple full titles being added to upcoming PS4 and Xbox One releases at the normal price tiers for deluxe editions of games and numerous games prices at DLC levels like $11.

This could be extremely good news for Nintendo as it recently saw an increase in market volatility leading up to E3. With so many leaks, rumors, and pre-release announcements investors are wondering whether Switch sales will continue to boom, if the rumored games such as Fortnite will do well on the platform, or whether Nintendo will have much to show next week at E3, after announcing their Pokemon games early.

What do you think about the GameStop listings? Are you expecting more first or third party titles?

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