GameSpot Play For All Event Brings Big Presentations This Summer

Published: April 28, 2020 3:28 PM /


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The GameSpot Summer of Gaming event has been announced by GameSpot. This multi-week event will naturally be taking place sometime in the Summer of 2020 and a bunch of pretty big game devs and publishers have already gotten on board.

"The team at GameSpot thought long and hard about what we wanted to do and what we needed to do, and from those discussions, we came up with a way that we could all pour our passion for video games into something that would help those in need," stated the announcement on GameSpot's website.

"It's called GameSpot 'Play For All' and it's a multi-week event that will deliver the biggest summer gaming news, previews, interviews, and more to a global audience, but also raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts."

Developers who have signed up for Play For All include large entities like Bethesda and Google alongside smaller companies like 11 bit studios and Devolver Digital. It certainly makes for an interesting mix of developers and publisher and there will surely be more to come.

Mind, this event isn't purely a for-profit endeavor — it will also be supporting charity. GameSpot is teaming up with Direct Relief to help out people in need around the world like many other gaming companies have done in recent weeks due to the whole pandemic mess we've all been dealing with.

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Play For All vs. Summer of Gaming vs. PC Gaming Show

While GameSpot's event certainly sounds pretty cool, it won't be alone. Plenty of other organizations are running their own digital conferences in place of the now-canceled E3 2020, and two of them could make for stiff competition.

First up is PC Gamer's PC Gaming Show, a yearly fixture that is going fully online this year like pretty much everything else these days. This is one of the better places to see new PC game releases and is all set to launch on June 6, 2020.

An equally likely competitor is IGN's "Summer of Gaming" event which also has a fair few devs lined up behind it. We do know that the Summer of Gaming will be launching sometime in June, although IGN has not yet mentioned a specific date just yet. It's very possible that two (or even all three) of these events could have some crossover, making for an intriguing competition.

When is GameSpot Play For All?

Time to get down to brass tacks: when is GameSpot's gaming event taking place?

Unfortunately, we don't yet have an exact date. GameSpot does say that it will be taking place in "early June" 2020, so we'll probably be seeing this event kick off in the first or second week of the month.

As for when it ends, GameSpot mentions that it will be "spanning several weeks." I guess we won't have a shortage of things to watch this Summer!

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Will you watch the Gamespot Play For All event, IGN Summer Of Gaming event, or both? Do you think either of these events can make up for the lack of E3 this year? Do you want E3 type things to last several weeks? Let us know in the comments below!


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