Gamescom 2015 - Mad Catz Teams To Create Licensed Star Citizen Peripherals

Published: August 5, 2015 4:13 PM /


Star Citizen

Mad Catz Interactive announced today that it'll be teaming up with Chris Roberts' Cloud Imperium Games to create a range of officially-licensed computer hardware peripherals tied to Cloud Imperium's crowd-funded space simulation game Star Citizen. The new range of hardware is expected to ship in 2016 and will be released under the Saitek subsidiary of Mad Catz, which carries products focused towards simulation games.

Star Citizen was kickstarted successfully in 2012 and has been undergoing a crowdfunding campaign since in order to further improve the game's development. The game hopes to deliver an ever-evolving science fiction MMO incorporating both first-person-shooter elements and space flight simulation elements. Along with the online experience, Squadron 42, a campaign aspect of the game is also in development. In addition, through the game’s advanced Newtonian physics engine, Star Citizen enables players to experience space flight with ship control, performance and response calculated based on dozens of dynamically generated physics based variables. Roberts formerly masterminded games like Freelancer and Wing Commander.

Star Citizen

“As one of this current generations’ most anticipated games, we are excited to be working alongside the creative forces behind Star Citizen to create a full range of simulation products that we believe will bring an added dimension of immersion to the Star Citizen experience,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. “We continue to focus on expanding the range and reach of our Saitek brand and working alongside Cloud Imperium Games is yet another sign of our intent to grow our business further through strategic partnerships.”

“We are delighted to partner with Mad Catz to help us deliver the full immersive experience in Star Citizen,” said Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium Games’ co-founder and creative director. “Star Citizen already has a history with Saitek. While building the original Star Citizen prototype I showed the Saitek X52™ to the artist modeling the Anvil Hornet cockpit for inspiration on what the joystick and throttle could look like. Also the X52 was featured in a few of our early crowd funding videos. The experts at Mad Catz have a brilliant track record for creating hardware that brings the space sim experience to reality. I couldn’t be more pleased and we are looking forward to seeing the new Star Citizen product line.”

What do you think? Are you interested in PC peripherals? Or is the tried-and-true mouse and keyboard good enough?

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