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Anno 2205

After heavy anticipation from fans ANNO 2205 has had some news revealed to us this Gamescom. ANNO 2205 is the sixth title in the city building franchise and now allows players to head to space, time to get off Earth and check out the Moon or even the promises of development on Mars. In this game you play as the CEO of a corporation trying to win the space race to not only become the biggest corporation in the world but on a couple of them. The storylines of ANNO 2070 will be continues as 135 years have passed and all of the factions have been grouped together into the Global Union. It isn't all easy as there is also the Orbital Watch, a hostile organization that is bent on making your job as difficult as possible but you have to keep pushing if you want to succeed.

Along with energy and employees there is a new value that is important to each of the buildings you create called logistic values. These will affect the world the same way that the influence areas did in prior Anno games, it will mean that not all buildings create influence areas but that some might make a lot larger areas than others. For each of these buildings you are also now able to modify them by adding modules, these might be outcomes like increasing production output, reducing the energy needed for them or even reduce the costs of operation. These new elements will allow you to create a new experience every time you play. Before you can get to the moon though you'll have to brave the Arctic, it's here that you will not only have to worry about supplies but also the hostile environments. In the Arctic you will find rare resources that will aid you on your path in the space race.

Crisis Sectors are a new way for players to experience ANNO 2205 a bit different from the regular city building where you will have to fight the Orbital Watch in a variety of military scenarios. There are difficulties associated with Crisis Sectors that give you different levels of rewards but this this is a completely optional part of the game and as such you can get all of these rewards through normal game play as well. In these battles you will command a fleet of a variety of different ship types with just as many abilities at their disposal, this won't be fast paced combat and still retains the games tactical nature so don't worry about having to do any fast clicking or knowing all the keyboard shortcuts. Crisis Sectors will be both scripted and random and take place on Earth in the regular area and the Arctic region.

There is still no word though on the status of the closed beta that was meant to be available for those people who pre-ordered.

Are you looking forward to becoming a part of the space race? What do you think of the idea of difficult areas not meant for big cities like the Arctic or Mars? Are you going to participate in Crisis Sectors or give them a miss?

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