Games with Gold May 2015 - Open words, racing and competitive action

Games WIth Gold May 2015

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Games with Gold May 2015 - Open words, racing and competitive action

April 29, 2015

By: Andrew Stretch


With only a couple days left in April we all turn to Xbox Live's Major Nelson to announce next months Games with Gold and this morning we got to see which four games Xbox Gold subscribers on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 will be able to download for free. For those unfamiliar with the way that Games with Gold works, every month two free Xbox One games are available and two free Xbox 360 games, the 360 games are available between the 1st and 15th for one game and the 16th to the end of the month for the other.

Games With Gold May One
Pool is sticking around and a new take on the tower defense franchise.

Starting off with the Xbox One Pool Nation FX will continue being free for this month allowing all those who missed out on getting it to still have a chance. The new game that will be coming to Games with Gold for this month will be Castle Storm: Definitive Edition a mix of 2D physics destruction game mixed with tower defense that has a single player campaign, multiplayer, coop and many more features as you help in the battle between vikings and knights. As it is the definitive edition it also means that on top of the base game there is also two expansions included.

Games With Gold May 360
A fantastic open world adventure and something for those who enjoy the feel of the wheel when they win a race!


For the Xbox 360 on the 1st of the month Mafia II will be free. In Mafia II you get to live the life of a member of the Mafia taking a trip back in time in a fantastic open world game. You get to work your way up in the mafia, pull some good jobs and even get in a car chase or two. Mafia II will be available up until the 16th when it will return to normal price.

After the 16th Mafia II will return to its normal price and racing fans will be able to pick up F1 2013 for free until the end of the month. F1 2013 is just as it seems as the 2013 installment of the F1 franchise allowing racers to get behind the wheels of F1 vehicles and take a spin around the track and compete with other AI racers or online competitors.

Before the end of this month you should be sure to check out the three games that are left for April's Games with Gold.

What do you think of this months Games with Gold? Are you planing on getting any of them?

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