Games For Windows Live Prepares To Die.

Published: October 24, 2014 9:15 AM /



With the last dying breath of Games For Windows Live comes the announcement of how BandaiNamco and others plan to deal with this obsolete piece of software no longer plaguing the lives of pc gamers everywhere. As of October 22nd, the publishers for Dark souls announced that despite the death of Games For Windows Live the servers for Dark Souls will still be supported, albeit not on Games For Windows Live. According to BandaiNamco's Tumblr page, next month it will be possible for players to migrate their Dark Souls: Prepare to Die games, saves and achievements from the Games for Windows Live platform to Steam. It seems Games for Windows Live patrons will be allowed to redeem their Games For Windows Live tokens on Steam to get the Prepare To Die Edition of Dark souls for nothing extra. The Games for Windows Live tokens required in order to do this are found on the Us Xbox support page under prepaid codes. During November, BandaiNamco will be allowing a period of time which users can transfer their Games For Windows Live characters and progress along with Achievements to their existing steam account. It's worth noting that after the migration period ends, gamers can still use their Games For Windows Live tokens. They can still get Dark souls: Prepare to Die edition for free but after this point save data and achievements will be no guarantee.

"Come at me bro!"
In either scenario before or after the migration period it seems that Games For Windows Live rankings will be lost. This is somewhat confusing. While Microsoft issued a statement saying Games For Windows Live will continue to be supported back in June, the service for Games For Windows Live marketplace was suspended. Several other games and their  developers also  pulled out, including Twisted Pixel. The company behind Ms. Splosion Man, owned by Microsoft has even opted to migrate to steam. Currently the future of Games For Windows live is undecided. Customers can continue to play their previously bought material through Games For Windows Live but that's all the current support. The migration dates for Dark Souls will be available soon. We at Techraptor will do our best to bring you more precise dates in the coming weeks. I myself have a few saves to migrate over to Steam support From Games For Windows Live, so I'll keep you guys posted.


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