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GAMER RATE – The Interview

October 8, 2015 11:00 AM

By: Rutledge Daugette


We at TechRaptor sat down with Ralph Moffettone, host and creator of the video game review series Gamer Rate and a self-described “bonafide gamer and game aficionado.”  Below we talk about the three-part series, his favorite games, and the state of gaming culture.




TechRaptor: What’s Gamer Rate about, and how is it different from other video game review shows?

Ralph: Gamer Rate is the show in which we review and assess classic and contemporary gaming, with some random finds as well.  Gaming I believe is about joy and connectivity, that adorable little kid inside of us who wants to explore and inhabit other worlds and win battles!  I am the guide through these gaming experiences on the show and with my special guests am myself learning more as well.  



TechRaptor: What kinds of guests do you have on the show?  

Ralph: I am glad you asked that question as our guests are gamers of all stripes!  Each believing that that sweet little baby boy inside of us just wants to roam around in a world and explore.  I know I do, I am certain.  Gamers know gaming best.  We do not believe in the suits telling us how or why a game is working, or how video games should be played.  Our diverse guests shed light on this as they game out of passion and for the love of it, not for some fat paycheck for it to be written about on the web.



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TechRaptor: Who are you referring to when you say “suits?”

Ralph: Just the types of people who will have you believe that gaming is not a democratized shared experience for all of course.  I am using “suits” loosely here.  I believe in this.  Everyday someone is putting their finger in my face about gaming.  People want to put us gamers in a corner and wear a dunce cap, and I am sick of it.  

TechRaptor: Who specifically?  



Ralph: Well I can sit here and write you a list of the people I have heard this from but I should not do that!  Also I do not want to distract from the business of Gamer Rate the show!

TechRaptor: So that isn’t what the show is about?

Ralph: No, of course it is.  The show is about gaming.Gamer Rate 3
TechRaptor: I meant it is not about your feeling that gamers are victimized.

Ralph: It is more than just my feeling first of all and yes, no Gamer Rate does not dignify this type of business with responses.  Our show is a love letter to the pastime of gaming and an analysis with special guests.  



TechRaptor: So would you say that Gamer Rate is different in that it doesn’t condescend to viewers?

Ralph: Different from what?

TechRaptor: Other video game review shows.

Ralph: I am talking about the media.

TechRaptor: So not including other shows?  I’m sorry, I think I misunderstood your statement.

Ralph: Please do not apologize!  All I am saying is that our show is different from whatever these people critical of the gaming lifestyle have gotten their slimy hands on.  I am not singling anyone out, it is more of a cultural thing at this moment.  But if another show has that feeling I would say yes that’s the case though I say that not with one in mind.

TechRaptor: So that’s how you would say it’s different from other shows?

Ralph: The show is it’s own show so maybe we can leave it at!  And talk gaming!

TechRaptor: Do you have a favorite game?

Ralph: Hmm.  No serious gamer has an absolute favorite he can pick!  Though I of course prefer the classic canon of gaming over the gaming of today’s youth.  I am a nineties kid!  And I believe that today the gaming trade is too flooded with cooks in the kitchen.  The kitchen is full of cooks who misunderstand the meaning of games, cooks who are not real gamers like the suits.  And then on the other hand there are people who say to me, aren’t video games for little children?  And I say: yes, they are for little children, for the beautiful little children inside all of us!  And should be!  Question: Don’t we all need some joy and connectivity in our lives?  We need these things and this is what gaming and the show is about.  Also, video games are art.  Please do not put your finger in my face and tell me that something someone has made to express beauty in a game is not art and that our playing it is not the same because seriously I do not want to even be hearing it now.


This is my advice: game on.  I just want to connect with other gamers and bring other people into the gaming fold as well.  I don’t like to pick fights, unless it is a fighting video game!  Please everyone just watch Gamer Rate and understand that I am coming from a good place and just want to inform viewers and just maybe make some friends along the way.  If I seem like I become upset discussing this it is only because I care about it so, so much.

TechRaptor: Got it.  Any closing remarks?

Ralph: No, of course those are the remarks I would like it to close on.

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Gamer Rate will be featured in its entirety on TechRaptor in October.
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