Game Fairy Announced as New Indie Collecter Edition Site

Published: November 7, 2019 10:30 AM /


Game Fairy

If you've been trying to collect physical versions of every game that exists, there's a new service to keep an eye on. Game Fairy will be offering up physical collector editions of various titles.

Created by former staff of publisher and developer Headup, Game Fairy will serve as a way for indie games to get special physical collectors editions. The team notes that they've already worked on producing physical versions of indie games before, noting that they assisted with games like Limbo, Super Meat Boy, The Basement Collection, Gone Home, and more. However, now they want to do something a little more personal and a little bigger than just making physical copies. Thus comes Game Fairy, which will work on special editions.

Their first project? Bridge Constructor Portal. Available for $39.99 and with only 3,000 copies available, Game Fairy will include the Nintendo Switch version of the game and some extra goodies. Not only will you get a physical copy of the game, but it'll come in an extra box with a special collecter wrap that you can place around it, so you have a big copy of the game. You'll also get a trio of fridge magnets, a pair of art cards, a certificate that says which number of the 3,000 copies you got, and a stamp that shows you bought the first Game Fairy bundle. Additionally, 200 of the 3,000 stamps will be a special color, just in case you wanted something a little more to collect.

Bridge Constructor Portal is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Recently, a new DLC was announced for the game which will add 30 levels that feature the ability to place your own portals. The special edition will go on sale at 10 am EST on November 13th.

How do you feel about this new site? Going to try and nab some indie games? Waiting for something more interesting than Bridge Constructor Portal? Let us know in the comments below!


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