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Published: May 29, 2015 1:00 PM /


Crypt of the NecroDancer

For one of the videos this week (depending on how much I can get done besides the stuff on my channel), I wanted to focus on game design a little bit with my background in Computer Science. Great game design comes in a variety of forms of course, and it all depends on the audience that you are going for, the genre and story that you are playing with, and a variety of other factors.

But what I've noticed lately in the gaming world are games that attempt to do way too much and have way too many mechanics. Adding feature after feature into gameplay that doesn't complement the rest of the game itself and is lacking in design overall. However, Crypt of the Necrodancer (which you can read TechRaptor's review here) is the exact opposite of this. In this video, I highlight the surprising central mechanic behind the game that people may miss, and it's not exactly what you think it would be.

Really, I appreciate a wonderful game design, and the guys over at Brace Yourself games definitely know how to design a game. Early access probably did help them get feedback for the game of course; however, their overall vision for the game and their understanding of what worked well with their movement mechanics made a game that actually made me fall behind on content for my Youtube channel and for TechRaptor, because I was way too busy playing it. You know a game has done a fantastic job if it's able to do that to you rather easily, and needless to say I will be looking for more games from Brace Yourself Games for years to come.

Do you agree that the movement mechanic is the core mechanic of the game, or is it something else? If you played the game, did you notice how much your movement style changes when it comes to weaponry? And if you haven't played or looked at the game, can a game design and breakdown like this help convince you of picking up a game?

On an unrelated note, for those who are looking for The Hunt segment I do, I've transferred it to a Monthly video, and will be hitting TechRaptor approximately at the end of May, with a bit of changes. Needless to say, it's under going a bit of a transformation.

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