Game Boy Camera Based Game Created, Possibly For the First Time

Published: January 26, 2021 12:20 PM /


The title screen for Attack of the Fluff Monster, a game made on the Game Boy Camera.

Back in 1998, Nintendo released an accessory for the Game Boy known as the Game Boy Camera. This device allowed users to take grayscale pictures, make original drawings, and edit or share them with others. Production of it ceased in late 2002, but eighteen years later, a game developer has used this accessory to make a short adventure game. Attack of the Fluff Monster is a new game on an old periferal generally not meant for actual games.

Created by Karolina Twardosz, a game dev for the dinosaur adventure game Zniw AdventureAttack of the Fluff Monster has players assisting a distressed budgerigar whose friend has gone missing after an attack by the titular monster. Coincidentally, one of your scarves has also gone missing, but that's probably not important. The game is an adventure game and controls similarly to console adventure games, where players use the d-pad to move a cursor. It's not a very long one, with only two rooms and one puzzle, but it's still very impressive to see a game being made out of a camera accessory. 

In a Twitter post showing off some of the gameplay, Karolina says that this is possibly the first actual game created on the Game Boy Camera. The YouTube video containing the longplay adds that this game was made on the original hardware, and was screencapped with the help of Super GameBoy, Supaboy SFC, and USB RCA Grabber. Unfortunately, it's not publicly available to play, partially due to it being a game for the Game Boy Camera, and Karolina says they'd have to dump and share the game file. Hopefully, that is something they'll do in the near future.

You can watch the longplay for Attack of the Fluff Monster up above. If you're interested in more of Karolina's work, Zniw Adventure, another game Karolina worked on, can be found on Steam here.

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