The Game Awards 2018 -- Obsidian Announces The Outer Worlds

Published: December 7, 2018 12:01 AM /


the outer worlds

Announced as part of The Game Awards, longtime RPG developer has revealed their latest title, set in the deep reaches of space: The Outer Worlds. After Obsidian filed the trademark earlier this year and began teasing the game last week, the official reveal came with a new trailer and a brief chat with Obsidian. Showing off a far-flung future world dominated by corporations and peppered with humor, little is known about The Outer Worlds at this time, other than it's an RPG shooter. We've got no word on a release window other than "2019", but The Outer Worlds is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the future.


According to Obsidian, The Outer Worlds is a first-person singleplayer RPG set in the far reaches of space. After a disaster aboard your sleeper ship rouses you from cryostasis, you find yourself on Halcyon, an outpost at the edge of the galaxy. Unfortunately for you, you're also quickly entangled in a conspiracy that threatens the corporate control of the colony, and the rest of the galactic stability with it. Promising an entirely player-driven story, The Outer Worlds looks to be squarely within Obsidian's wheelhouse. In addition to the stat-driven gameplay found in games like Fallout: New VegasThe Outer Worlds also introduces the ideas of character flaws. These flaws are based on your experiences, and can vastly change up your experiences while exploring Halcyon

The Outer Worlds is set to be published by Private Division. Formed under the massive umbrella of Take-Two, Private Division is oriented around games that come from mid-level developers; studios that are larger than the average indie team, but smaller than AAA studios. Even though Obisidan was recently acquired by Microsoft, per Jason Schreier of Kotaku, Microsoft is still going to honor the prior agreement.  We'll know more about The Outer Lands as Obsidian reveals more.

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