The Game Awards 2018 - Fortnite to Add Community Content to Battle Royale Map

Published: December 7, 2018 1:06 AM /


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It wouldn't be a gaming event without a little Fortnite. At the Game Awards 2018, Epic Games unveiled some of its plans to add community-generated content to Fortnite's battle royale map.


After a Christmas-themed trailer that showed off some of the airplanes, hang gliders, and mysterious icebergs that players can expect to see as part of the earlier-announced season 7 update, Fortnite Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard took to the stage to talk about a brand new community feature. Starting right now, Fortnite players will find that a new area has been added to the battle royale map. This flat surface, dubbed "The Block", is an area that will feature "the best and coolest content created by you".

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For context, Epic Games recently announced Fortnite Creative, a mode in which players are granted access to their very own private island. Here, players can design games, race other players, battle friends, and "build your dream Fortnite". Fortnite Creative was made available to Battle Pass owners earlier today and will be available to all players on December 13th. Community-generated content that Epic determines to be exceptional has a chance of appearing on The Block as part of the game's battle royale map. Mustard's comments seemed to imply that some content has already been selected for addition to The Block and that this spot will be updated regularly, though exactly how often is not yet clear.

Prospective creators can find the guidelines on what qualifies for addition to The Block on the game's official website. Epic Games also encouraged Fortnite players to share their new creations on social media with the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty, and will monitor social media for potential additions to The Block.

Are you raring to get into Creative after this announcement? Already have some great ideas? Let us know in the comments. 



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