The Game Awards 2018 – ATLAS Comes to Steam Early Access December 13th

Published: December 6, 2018 11:41 PM /


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From the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, ATLAS looks like an insane cross between Sea of Thieves and "Clash of the Titans."

ATLAS is an open-world MMORPG that is coming to Steam's Early Access on December 15th. From the trailer, the game features pirate warfare taking place on giant ships while fighting various monsters from myth. Hydra-like creatures, dragons, and monster sharks look to be just scratching the surface.

There seems to be siege warfare, pirate brawling, and large towns. Pirate gadgets like the spyglass and the cutlass are also seen being used.The game world is supposedly 1200 times the size of Ark's game world, and servers can hold 40 thousand concurrent players. There will be multiple biomes like tropical forests, deserts, and polar areas.

The objective appears to be conquering the globe by forming a strong empire. Or, perhaps you just want to sail around and dominate other players. It's an open-world sandbox/survival MMO, so one can only assume that there's plenty to do.

While it comes to Steam on December 13th, console players can get their hands on it next year as a part of the Xbox Game Preview program, which is like its own little Early Access.


Check out the Steam page here.

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