The Game Awards 2018 - Among Trees Announced

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The Game Awards 2018 - Among Trees Announced

December 6, 2018

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Before the trailer started, we learned that this game was developed by only three people who have been working on it for five years. They go by the name FJRD Interactive.

The trailer showed off beautiful landscapes and animals interacting with it. While it didn't tell us much about the gameplay, we did see a tree falling down and implications that you'll be needing to survive off of the environment. There's not much else mentioned, but we did learn that the game is going by the title Among Trees.

Thankfully there's already a Steam page up for the game with a bit more information. The page confirms that Among Trees is a first person survival game, where you will need to survive "any way you can". The page says you will be scavenging for food, catching fish, and chopping down trees. You'll also have a little log cabin in the middle of the woods that will serve as your home base. You can expand this home base, giving you new mechanics and survival methods as you do so.

While combat isn't mentioned, the steam page does mention some dangers. It sounds like you will need to use stealth to avoid said dangers, which will include animals of the wild. In addition to this, you'll have to survive the elements, such as trying to keep yourself warm during the cold. What other dangers will await you haven't been specified yet.


Among Trees will be available on Steam Early Access some time in 2019.

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