The Game Awards 2017 Announcement Recap - Mic Drops and Mysteries

Published: December 8, 2017 9:50 AM /


The Game Awards Preview Image

The Game Awards of 2017 have just wrapped up marking another year of great games for all. Just like always it's exciting to see which of your favorite games gets to walk away with an award but even more, we got to see a wide array of game announcements.

The show started with a trailer for World War Z, the book turned movie (in name at least) now turned game. In this trailer, we see the kind of disrepair that the world has fallen into before getting to see our first zombies. Hordes of zombies crowd and clamber over everything as they chase something out of sight. World War Z will be developed by Saber Interactive and will be coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The next announcement from Owlchemy Labs is a new VR title, Vacation Simulator. As a sequel, it will work in the same way that Job Simulator allowing players to live out their holiday dreams across Vacation Island. Some of the activities we see are fishing and grilling burgers. This game will be coming to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR in "2018... maybe?"

The newly names Squanch Games and Crows Crows Crows then show off the PSVR is getting Accounting+, a port and expansion to their free title Accounting. Through this trailer, there are familiar scenes from the original as well as new content. This game will be releasing on the PSVR on December 19th and the creators also hinted at a secret zoo level that players will need to explore the game to find.

Shadows Die Twice

A short tease was then shown from From Soft with a simple trailer showing the hilt of a weapon and the text “Shadows Die Twice.” No further information was given aside from the fact that it was now in development.

After a brief musical interlude, the show kicked off properly. The first announcement is for a new game from Campo Santo, developers of Firewatch, called In the Valley of Gods. The new title shows two explorers making their way through Egyptian tombs. This game will be released in 2019.

After more awards and trailers the next news unveiled is about the Breath of the Wild DLC 2. After getting to see each of the champions that Link used to travel with we’re then treated with footage of Link embarking through a new slew of dungeons. This trailer also showed off some new costumes such as a Zant helmet and a Ganondorf outfit before we see Link riding across Hyrule on a motorcycle. The Champions Ballad Expansion will release tonight.

Tekken 7 developers are next on the stage to announce the return of a series with Soul Calibur VI. The trailer showed some returning characters and combat, as well as teasing a character clad in purple at the end.

Epic Games revealed that the new limited time game mode for their Early Access title Fortnite will be a 50v50 team death match. This mode will be free, and will be playable until later this month.

THQ Nordics new game Fade To Silence had it’s first gameplay trailer debut. Showing off some of the features already discovered from its early leak. This game is being developed by Black Forest Games and will hit early access on Steam next week. It was also announced that when it does properly launch next year it will also be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Nintendo managed to get a big stir by not only announcing that Bayonetta 1 and 2 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch but that Bayonetta 3 was in development exclusively for the Switch. Bayonetta 1 and 2 will be releasing on the 16th of February, 2018 but no further information was given about Bayonetta 3.

The next announcement was for the new Death Stranding trailer. This trailer was a lot longer than any of the other trailers that we have seen and is likely to bring up more questions than ever though. I recommend just watching the trailer, there's no way to describe it coherently.

Sea of Thieves had a brief appearance to announce that the game will be releasing on the 20th of March.

Witchfire a new game from the developers of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was next to be debued. In this trailer we learned that it will be a FPS with what seems to be horror elements as the player darts around an eerie cemetery.

Closely behind that, a very... excited developer from Hazelite comes out to talk about his game A Way Out. During his speech Josef Fares tried to cover a multitude of topics even though he was quite "jetlagged" including his passion and faith in his own game, and even weighing in on the current EA controversy he explained "All publishers f**k up sometimes." In this new trailer, we see more of the environments that the player characters will go through. This game will be releasing on March 23rd, 2018.

More footage of Dreams by Media Molecule is shown off next giving players an idea of what the can expect to play, and create. In this trailer we see sculptures, shoot-em-ups, platformers and even what look like horror games. Dreams will be releasing at some point in 2018 and for those who want more information they will be able to at PSX which begins tomorrow.

The PUBG team takes to the stage to announce that their 1.0 version will be releasing soon for PC and Xbox One. A trailer was shown to demonstrate the new desert PUBG map. The new map will be up tonight for PC players and will be on the Xbox in early 2018. That isn't all in the way of PUBG news though as they then showed off that it will be releasing on Xbox Game Preview next week on 12/12/17.

Formed by some of the minds behind cooperative series Payday, a new studio called 10 Chambers Collective came to show off a new coop shooter with the fantastic title GTFO. The trailer shows a group of four making their way through what seems to be underground tunnels before a loud noise brings a horde of strange monsters after them. The aim of this game will be to “work together or die together.”

To wrap up this conference 4A games showed off some new footage from their upcoming title Metro: Exodus. This trailer detailed ruins from when the world was inhabitable as well as some new footage of within the metro itself. Metro: Exodus will release in Fall of 2018.

What did you think of The Game Awards 2017? Did your favorite game win? Did you learn about a new interesting game?


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