Game Awards 2015: Psychonauts 2 announced

Published: December 3, 2015 10:47 PM /


PsychoNauts 2

In a surprise twist for the day Double Fine has announced a sequel to the popular Psychonauts. In the trailer we see how much has been stacked against the military. With nothing else to do the General calls for the Psychonauts.

We get to see all of the members of the Psychonauts fly in and strike a pose. Tim Schaefer takes to the stage to thank the fans for making this game possible and announces that they will also be crowdfunding on Figg. This is a crowd sourcing platform that will not only let you invest but also allows you to earn a share of the profit for the game.

Are you excited for a new Phychonauts game? Did this announcement catch you off guard?

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