Game Awards 2015: Kung Fury: Street Rage - The Arcade Strikes Back

Gaming article by Alex Santa Maria on Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 22:02
Topic(s): Steam

Kung Fury returns in an update to the movie tie-in that is One Finger Death Punch meets 80s machismo. The wonderfully titled Kung Fury: Street Rage - The Arcade Strikes Back is a big expansion to the original game that includes multiple new playable characters like Hackerman and Tricericop. Each of the characters are now voiced by their movie actors and feature heavily into the game's brand new story campaign.

The game was initially released alongside Kung Fury the film, and now the Arcade Strikes Back update is freely available to anyone who picked up the game originally on Steam or PlayStation 4. Great news for anyone who loves the 1980s, horrible cinema, and laser firing dinosaurs.

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