Gal*Gun: Double Peace To be Uncensored in West

Published: June 16, 2016 10:09 PM /



Did you ever have the problem of being average and having no luck with anyone in high school, and then being shot by a cupid and then becoming THE object of affection of every single member of the opposite gender at once? Gal*Gun: Double Peace asks this daring question, turning modern philosophy on its head and redefining the mechanics of relationships by... okay, so that was very over exaggerated, but it certainly is not an over exaggeration to say few expected this game to come West. Courtesy of publisher PQube, the Inti Creates developed rail shooter will be coming west on July 15th for Europe and July 19th in North America for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


Gal*Gun: Double Peace places you in the shoes of Hodai, an average guy with very little popularity at his school, though that changes quite quickly one day. He's been shot by the cupid Ekoro and now he's the object of affection from the ladies in school, all of them. Hodai, however, has his sights set on a number of heroines, so he must fend off all the unwanted advances, for if he doesn't confess his feelings for his true love by the end of the day, he'll wind up cursed and be forever alone. The facilitate this, Ekoro gives Hodai the power of the "pheromone shot", which allows him to disable his sudden admirers by placing them into fits of ecstasy. 

Gal*Gun: Double Peace plays as a cheeky rail shooter where you run through levels with your pheromone shot, shooting it at advancing female students and teachers.  Your armies of admirers will shower you with shouts of affection, love letters, kisses, and the occasional tsundere sourced beating, which you can also keep at bay with your pheromone shot.  You also have a screen-clearing bomb in the form of "Doki Doki" mode, where you bring one of your admiring members of the fairer gender to absolute euphoria, which will drive away other admirers. 

Now, the bigger question on everyone's minds is likely "will the game be censored?"  PQube has stated that the game will see no censorship.  This was also stated by one of the retailers selling Gal*Gun, Rice Digital.


You can pre-order the game at a number of different retailers, most of which are UK based (there is no US based publisher handling the North American release, PQube is also handling that one, despite them mostly handling European releases.) There will be a pre-order bonus that will include either a 5 costume DLC bundle or a 98-page art book, depending on the retailer.  Both of these items will be in a collectors edition, which will also include a wall scroll of two of Gal*Gun's characters, the soundtrack, and a "screen cleaner" in the shaped of shimapan (striped panties).

Are you interested in Gal*Gun: Double Peace? Are you surprised that the game is uncensored? Does that impact your interest in it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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