Gal*Gun 2 Shoots West on April 13th in Europe, April 24th for America

Published: March 12, 2018 8:58 PM /


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PQube announced today that Gal*Gun 2, the latest lewd on-rails anime shooter from Inti Creates will come to Europe and the Americas in April. The worldwide release comes roughly a month after the Japanese release on March 15th for PS4 and Switch. Germans, unfortunately, will miss out on buying copies, as Gal*Gun 2 was refused classification there. Much like Omega Labyrinth Z, Germans will still be able to import Gal*Gun 2 without any issues. Pre-orders for physical versions are now available for Western markets. Europeans can get their hands on Gal*Gun 2 on April 13th, while us Americans will have to wait 11 days for a release on April 24th.

Lewd-o narrative dissonance, indeed. Gal*Gun 2 is the fourth Gal*Gun game, believe it or not, and the third to arrive on our shores. Much like previous Gal*Gun games, 2 will focus on a young man who is supernaturally popular with girls. You then have to fight off the girls by shooting them with your "Pheromone Blaster," forcing the possessing demons out of them. All this, while attending school and trying to live a normal life, and still searching for your true love. Gal*Gun 2 adds two new heroines: Chiru, your neighbor and perpetual shut-in, and Nanako, your childhood friend and classmate.

Gal*Gun 2 also adds a few new features, too. The "Demon Sucker" vacuum returns from Gal*Gun VR, where you can suck up demons (or clothing) for more points. There's a pair of new mission types, as well as a modified "Doki Doki mode." The new missions are either "Defend" or "Search." Defend is exactly what it sounds like, where you must defend the girls from attacking demons. Search missions are where you must find a number of items spread throughout an area. Of course, what's the fun in searching if there isn't a little tension? You'll snoop in locker rooms and bathrooms, avoiding girls and traps set by demons, all in search of your treasure. Doki Doki Mode returns as well, promising more demons to shoot during "sensitive time," as well as a bonus if you're able to shoot all of them.

Gal*Gun has long been known for irreverence, as well as owning up to its reputation. As you can see from the video above (and much of the marketing), PQube and Inti Creates are well aware that Gal*Gun may be nothing more than a lascivious shooter, but it doesn't mean they can't have fun with it. Indeed, much of the praise directed at the series comes from how it revels in its own stupidity. You can catch some English gameplay streamed live on Inti Creates' Twitch channel on Wednesday, at 10 pm ET.

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