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Gabriel Knight

Long ago, there was an era where games were not all about shooting quickest or going between constant cut scenes – instead they were games with stories and puzzles that involved you from the start. Where interacting with the environment, making the right choices and solving puzzles on the route to figuring out what was going on in the world around you.

It wouldn’t be right to say that everything was better back in the 90s – the graphics were worse, User Interfaces were incredibly rough, finding a game was harder and other issues. There’s also the nostalgia filter that makes them seem better and the fact that mediocre games get forgotten over time but recent ones are still known.

One of the defining genres of the 90s though was the Point and Click Adventure which was based on strong storytelling, interacting with the environment and puzzles as alluded above.  There were several companies and giants that arose, but arguably none was bigger than Sierra On-Line and there Jane Jensen was one of the best. Jensen worked on immensely successful titles such as King’s Quest VI, Police Quest III, and of course the critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight series.

Which is what brings us to today. In 2012 Jensen and her husband Robert Holmes formed Pinkerton Road a small gaming company (just the two of them really) and went to Kickstarter. Their first game was a spiritual successor to Gabriel Knight as Activision holds the rights to Gabriel Knight and thus Moebius was born.

Still a spiritual successor wasn’t all they would end up doing – and perhaps not what they really wanted to do. Working with Activision, who held the rights to the license, they were able to remake the first game of Gabriel Knight – Sins of The Fathers. They took the original game, updated the graphics, added some new puzzles and challenges to it to bring it to the modern day.

So it was yesterday that Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition was released by Pinkerton Road and Pheonix Online with much fanfare and expectation, to PC and Mac with iOS and Android to follow soon.

You can buy Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (and geesh is that a mouthful) at Pheonix Online’s Shop, Steam or GOG.

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