G2A Begins Verification for New Sellers

Published: July 9, 2016 2:06 PM /


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In press release, G2A has announced that, effective immediately, they will begin a verification process for new sellers the platform. They say that the measures enacted will be only the beginning as their "key objective will continue to be strengthening new seller verification with further measures."

Today, new sellers on G2A will have the following stipulations:

  • Social Media profile account verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Can only sell 10 products at any one time without further verification

In the future, there are plans to add further verification, including credit card, PayPal, and address verification in the coming months. One assumes more details on the specifics will come once those measures are in place. 

The most recent controversy surrounding G2A arose when developer and publisher tinyBuild alleged that G2A, as a marketplace, harbors sellers that sell fraudulently obtained keys, claiming they lost upwards of $450,000 due to sellers on the platform. The steps towards verification that G2A has detailed here seem to be in reaction to the significant discussion generated by tinyBuild's blogpost.

We have reached out to G2A for clarification on a few points. First, this new verification system only applies to new sellers, and it's not clear if there are plans for current sellers. Second, we reached out to see if the further measures of verification—credit card, PayPal, etc.—will be something mandatory for all new sellers or just those that would like to have more than ten auctions at any given time.

We will update you all if and when we receive word from G2A as well as other developers we are reaching out to.

Quick Take

These are the sort of measures that should have been in place from the beginning, but it is good that G2A is doing them now. I personally think that verification of sellers is the single biggest thing that will deter those who sell bad or fraudulently obtained keys. There are other sites out there for them to go to for sure, but G2A is certainly the largest, so I see this as a good first step.

However, it does make me wonder what there is to really stop those that want to sell a bunch of keys quickly from making a bunch of accounts at once, each selling ten products at a time.

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