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Published: July 21, 2016 2:30 PM /


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On July 20, 2016, Harebrained Schemes posted this announcement on their Steam page, concerning updates and improvements for their dungeon crawler Necropolis. Necropolis, which released earlier this month, has had mixed reviews from players who feel the game is too easy, doesn't have enough content, and has obscure/unhelpful item descriptions in-game.

As a result, Harebrained Schemes is planning multiple updates to address player feedback over the next few months. The updates that are going into effect immediately today will fix high-impact bugs, and improve enemies so that they're more challenging to players and easier to differentiate between. Beyond that, Harebrained Schemes lists updates as either short-term, mid-term or long-term. Short-term will in the next two weeks and will involve improving weapon definitions and the spawning system. Mid-Term is 2-4 weeks from now and will add new enemies, weapons, make crafting recipes lootable objects in the world, and add further game balance. Inside of two months, the long-term plans include a new playable character in The Brute, and a new winter-themed region called The Black Forest.  

Necropolis is currently available to purchase on Steam for $29.99; Harebrained Schemes has plans on porting the game to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the summer of 2016, but there is no concrete release date.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for further information on Necropolis updates.

Quick Take

It's always nice to see dev teams respond positively to player feedback. I had been interested in purchasing Necropolis, but I had read some of the player reviews and was turned off on how easy it seemed to be. If it had been priced a little lower I would have bought it, but for $29.99 I'm looking for a game with tons of replay value and at the time of the initial release, there just didn't seem to be enough to justify buying it.

What are your thoughts on how Harebrained Schemes handled player feedback? Do you agree with what other players were saying? Let us know in the comment section below.

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