Future Gran Turismo 7 Updates Will Add New Cars, Circuits, And More

Published: March 3, 2022 10:26 AM /


Cars getting ready to race in Gran Turismo 7

Sony has promised that future Gran Turismo 7 updates will bring lots of new content with them. This content includes new cars, extra courses, more engine parts, and plenty more, so if you're worried about running out of things to do in Gran Turismo 7, don't despair.

What will future Gran Turismo 7 updates add to the game?

After suffering numerous delays, Sony's flagship racer Gran Turismo 7 is almost upon us; it's launching exclusively for PS5 tomorrow. As Sony gears up for launch, the studio has promised that future Gran Turismo 7 will add "additional content and improvements" to the game, describing its racing sim as "ever-evolving". These improvements range from the technical (improvements to online race quality) through to extra content like new cars and more features for the Lobby.


A race in progress in Gran Turismo 7
Sony says future Gran Turismo 7 updates will add plenty of new content to the game.

First up, you're getting new cars in future updates, although Sony is remaining tight-lipped about what those cars will be. New courses and World Circuits events will also be added, as will more Mission races. The rather amusing little Music Rally mode, in which you'll need to complete a track before you "run out of beats" (i.e. run out of time), is also getting new songs in the future. If you're into the customization element of Gran Turismo 7, you'll be pleased to know new engine parts are on the way, and there are new Lobby features and new Time Trials for the game's Sport mode planned as well. Finally, Sony is planning to improve the penalty algorithm and the quality of the game's online races. That's a pretty exhaustive list. There's no timeline for these updates just yet, but hey; the game isn't out quite yet, so more info will almost certainly be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

What is Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 is the latest mainline entry in the long-running Gran Turismo racing sim series. Originally announced for the PS5 and PS4 back in June 2020Gran Turismo 7 was then quietly delayed in late 2020, with the release date being pushed back to an unspecified time in late 2021. After suffering another COVID-related delay to 2022, Gran Turismo 7 will finally be released tomorrow, bringing the return of the GT Simulation single-player career mode. Other classic Gran Turismo features are also making a comeback; the Driving School is once again present, and you'll be able to take part in Championships, too.

Cars racing in Gran Turismo Sport
Several features are making a comeback from Gran Turismo Sport in Gran Turismo 7.

Lest you worry that nothing is being carried over from 2017's Gran Turismo Sport, worry not. The GT Sport mode, Discover, and Brand Central functions are all making their way across from Sport, so if you did love that game (and it proved somewhat divisive among fans), then you're not being left completely in the cold. Either way, you'll get to check out Gran Turismo 7 when it launches for PlayStation consoles tomorrow. We'll bring you more as soon as Sony starts announcing schedules for updates to the game.



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