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PS4 - Wattam

Another new title for the Playstation 4 has been introduced during the Playstation Experience in Las Vegas, from the minds over at Funomena. Many people may have not heard of the studio, however the studio does have some reasonable experience and personalities behind it. The staff includes Keita Takahashi, the designer of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, and Robin Hunicke, who was the producer for the hit title Journey. The game spawns from an idea that Takahashi had when playing with his two-year old son, dealing with toys coming to life and coming together. A lovely child's drawing was included with the announcement, which depicted some of the possible characters within the world. Typical toy building blocks appear within the drawing, as well as young child, and a dog that's upside down compared to the rest of the figures.

"Prototype" character designs for the toys that may live in the new world of Wattam
"Prototype" character designs for the toys that may live in the new world of Wattam

As said on the Playstation Blog, the word Wattam is composed of the words in Japanese for "making a circle" and "making a loop". The game wants you to make connections between things that may have not been there before. No gameplay footage was shown during the Playstation Experience, however a teaser trailer was included as you can see below, or at the link here.

The video in question highlights a green cube who, as indicated by the Wattam team, is the mayor of Wattam. In the teaser, it is shown that he has a small present with a lit fuse on his head, that only seems to burn when he takes his hat off. Robin Hunicke describes the game as being a "silly, strange game", and indicated that more information will be released in the following year over time, including new trailers and teasers. While not giving a lot of information on the gameplay, given the history of those involved in the project, it is sure to be a unique experience in its own way.  The game was announced for the Playstation 4, but no details on a release date have been given at this time.

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