Funko and 10:10 Games AAA Platformer Announced

Funko and 10:10 Games AAA Platformer announced to arrive in 2023, that could feature Funko POP! type characters

Published: July 25, 2022 2:59 PM /


Funko and 10:10 Games AAA Platformer announced, screenshot of Freddy Funko in the box

A Funko and 10:10 Games AAA Platformer has been announced for release in 2023 for both console and PC, and though there is not a lot of concrete information as of yet, the speculation of what's to come is exciting! The development is led by some of the biggest and most successful developers in the industry, including the five-time winner of the BAFTA award, Jon Burton.

Funko Logo, Funko and 10:10 Games AAA Platformer Announced

Since the Funko company is already well known in the lifestyle and culture industry, they should have no problem making their mark within the world of video games, as they already have the know-how from creating some of the most iconic game characters in Funko POP! form. Solidifying this, they took to Twitter to say, 

"Creating iconic products that emotionally connect fans to their favorite fandoms is critical to each product portfolio decision. By partnering with 10:10 Games and utilizing the best creators in the business, we will have the talent to deliver games that reflect Funko’s unique look and feel across its lines and varied products."

The design director at 10:10 games, Arthur Parsons, went on to say that they believe Funko understands all of the ingredients involved in creating AAA content and that they are thrilled to be working with Funko on this project to bring a new and exciting experience to gamers. The game has been said to be a platform fighter that will most likely be rated "T" for teen.

Funko has focused on tabletop games in the past such as their Dr. Suess Pattern Party game and The Warriors: Come Out To Play. In one of the tabletop games they've created, Funkoverse Strategy Game: Game of Thrones, 2-4 players will build a team using their Funko Pops and attempt to beat out the other players in battle. While there are many Funkoverse Strategy Gamesthis is just one example, and they all follow the same basic guidelines in terms of gameplay. One of the coolest aspects of these strategy games is that players aren't limited to the characters that come with the set they've purchased. Players can mix and match several sets together, and make The Golden Girls duke it out with a dinosaur from Jurrasic Park. This adds depth to the game, as well as a vast amount of variety. 

Funko has already built quite the name for themselves by selling apparel, action toys, plushies, vinyl figures, and even board games. Them deciding to tap into the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry isn't just a smart move financially, it's a great move creatively as well. They have the ability to create some seriously phenomenal games, alongside some of the most highly acclaimed developers in the world, and that is no small feat.

So far, there has been no information released on whether or not the characters in the new platformer will take on the well-known Funko POP! aesthetic, such as the big black eyes and abnormally large heads. Though, those characteristics have been used previously in games branded by the company, such as Gears POP!, so maybe this game will feature some as well. 

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