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Published: May 1, 2015 7:11 PM /


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Are you ready for some Football Cortex?!

Well than we have some news for you! Mode 7's sports game got a big, free update today with the Frozen Cortex Manager. In this simultaneous turn-based strategy sports game featuring robots tossing the ball all over the field to get into the end zone, Frozen Cortex's Manager update grants a nice new layer of depth to the single player experience, as well as easing in new players.

For new players who want to try it out, the game now has an easy mode, which will allow you to see what the computer has planned to do on its turn. This helps you develop the instincts and understanding of the goals of the game, as well as letting you play without it feeling like you're never guessing which way the computer will go correctly. In a game all about positioning it is a huge thing to learn to understand and it really will help people who are trying out the game for the first time get their feet under them.

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However, we wouldn't be calling it the Frozen Cortex Manager update if all it did was add easy mode. Instead the single player mode got a good amount of team management depth that had previously been lacking from the game. You have a salary cap now and each week you and the various teams can bid on new free agents that have come available. Your salary cap increases as the season goes along, but especially as you win and more companies are willing to sponsor your team. Each of the players has their own stats and a by the book value, though the bidding (done in a silent auction-esq manner) often goes beyond that on prized free agents.


There's a lot more for players too - injuries have been added into the game now. These come in somewhat humorous forms like 'head disconnections' that can only happen with a robot and force you to change up your line up. Speaking of which, you can now set formations on offense and defense to some degree. While it lacks map specific positions that one might have wished for, it does give greater control in getting people into more of the right positions then was previously possible.


Also, if you got tired of playing games at times but want to get through the season, like in the Madden Head Coach form you can now simulate games. You can set some strategies with this on whether your players are likely to run or pass, and what amount of points they will settle for. The ranges it gives you vary based on the score of the game giving you some customization in how it works. Sadly, there isn't any tactics for defense, though I'm not quite sure how that would work - might need to be more player specific on whether they would focus on intercepting, attacking the ball, or space control.

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They even added in a college league now with its own march madness style bracket!

There's some more there but at this point I think I'll let the trailer finish it up. Frozen Cortex is available on Steam right now at 30% off in honor of the update!


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