The Frostrune: a Spooky Norse Point-and-Click Adventure

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Norwegian indie developer Grimnir Media has recently launched their first project, a point-and-click adventure called The Frostrune. Released the first week of February on Steam, the App Store, Google Play and the Humble Store, this game takes a historical approach to exploring Norse myth and legends. Players will encounter ghosts and puzzles as they explore the authentic ancient Norse environments.

The game starts out with the player shipwrecked on an island during a Summer storm. There you find a suspiciously abandoned settlement amidst a dark forest filled with burial mounds and runes. Through exploring the environment, players will unravel the mystery of what took place on the island.

Grimnir formed their independent game development studio in 2013 with a passion for the Viking age and Norse myths and folklore. They’ve brought that passion for history and culture to their freshman title The Frostrune by making it historically accurate and drenched in Viking legend. This dedication to the developers heritage shows in the inclusion of ancient Norse language being used in the voice-overs and actual artifacts and artwork from the time period being used in the game.

The Frostrune
Discover Ghosts as you explore the Nordic island.

The classic point-and-click adventure will have players solving puzzles and mysteries as they explore the haunted settlement. Beware the appearance of ghosts and other supernatural forces as the island’s mysteries are delved deeper into. Finding hidden places and artifacts will help to solve these enigmas as players are immersed in the Nordic tradition of storytelling.

Published by Cannon Snow Games and developed by Grimnir Media, this game combines point-and-click adventure gameplay with traditional Norse lore for an interactive storytelling experience. The Frostrune is available now as a premium game for mobile and PC. Visit the game’s official website here. Get the game on Steam, the Humble Store, App Store or Google Play.

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