Frostpunk Delayed to Early 2018

Gaming article by Andrew Otton on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 21:14
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April 24, 2018
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Frostpunk, the newest game from the This War of Mine developers, has been delayed to early 2018. Originally, the hope was to have it release at the end of this year, but in an announcement via Facebook, the team has said that they want to deliver Frostpunk globally at the same time and the localizations for its seven different languages are holding it up. Be sure to check out our interview with Lead Designer Jakub Stokalski about Frostpunk.

In addition to what is disappointing news to some, they announced that they will also be shipping a retail box edition of Frostpunk along with the digital version. They also want to create some sort of collector's edition of Frostpunk but that's not set in stone yet.

For those unaware, Frostpunk is a city management game with some exploration elements all about survival. It takes place in an alternate 19th century where the world has frozen over and you lead a community of people who, as far as you know, are the only ones left in the world. It's up to you to keep everyone alive and maybe try to found out what happened to leave the world the way it is now.

Frostpunk's also just as much a people manager as it is a city manager. Of course, building shelter, gathering food, and providing heat are important, but keeping people happy is a big deal as well. They have hope, they have happiness, and a certain set of skills to foster.

We had the chance to check out Frostpunk at E3 this year and you can check out our article here for a lot more information on the game. Also, don't forget our interview with Lead Designer Jakub Stokalski about the game.

What do you think of Frostpunk? Will you be checking out the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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