Front Office Football 7 on Steam

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Front Office Football 7

Not all games that come on to Steam these days are new releases - a lot of older games have been making their way across the isle and onto the top selling PC sales device there is - Steam. Some of these games are all time classics, some are publishers putting them up, and some are older or long running series by Indie Devs.

Front Office Football 7 is an example of the latter, with the series having been developed since 1998 with an early partnership with EA Sports who published it in 1999, 2000, and 2001. The game has had 8 iterations, with the most recent in Front Office Football being originally released in 2013, with 7.1 featuring a 2014 update released in November of 2014.

Whereas many sports games are about being on the field and playing around doing impossible things, Front Office Football has you taking on the role of the General Manager with the team of your choice. There you have to acquire players, trade, and set them up for victory both in the short and long term. This is very much in the style of 'spread sheet' games as a lot of it is all calculating, figuring out the right strategies, percentages and various other minutiae to make it all come together.

Then, you can choose to step down from the box and coach the games, calling various plays with personnel shifting based on the planning you've already done. The plays in the playbook depend also on your players skills as a more experience quarterback for example can run more plays then a rookie.

While the other football (soccer) has had these types of games for a while, American Football seems to lack that genre of front office games getting near as much exposure, instead with Madden being the big name and focusing on gameplay. Perhaps it tells a difference between soccer and football fans, or Europe and North American markets that Football Manager is still a major brand while Front Office Football has been indie for the last 13 years.

Still if you are interested in a very in-depth back-end management of a football team, with financials, drafting and more, you can check out Front Office Football 7 on Steam now!

What do you think of sports games in general, and managerial sports games in specific? What are your thoughts on the trend of older games getting new life on Steam? Tell us in the comments below!

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