Front Mission 2: Remake Story Trailer Introduces A Land Riven By Civil War

Published: April 28, 2023 9:03 AM /


Hordman wishing the player "good luck" in Front Mission 2: Remake

A new trailer has been released for Front Mission 2: Remake, and this one's all about the story. The narrative revolves around the impoverished land of Alordesh, with the three main characters drawn into a conflict that goes far beyond the country's political future. 

The trailer begins with an introduction to Alordesh, which is located in Southeast Asia (in the world of the game, that is; it's a fictional country). After the events of the original Front Mission (and its Switch remake), Alordesh's already-struggling economy takes a turn for the worse. After a failed uprising, a second coup begins in the year 2102, and rebels seize the nation's parliament.


You'll follow three different factions within the supernational alliance of the OCU: the Muddy Otters, the Dull Stags, and the G.D.F.I.A. (Ground Defence Force Intelligence Agency). I guess the last faction doesn't get a fun animal name. Maybe they're too important, or not important enough.

Front Mission 2: Remake will feature three main characters: Ash, Lisa, and Thomas. Each will offer a different perspective on the unfolding Alordesh civil war. The game's Nintendo eShop page promises a conflict that "goes beyond a simple dichotomy between good and evil", so if you've played Front Mission 1st: Remake (or, indeed, the original Front Mission) and want to know what happens next, it sounds like you won't be disappointed.

Forever Entertainment's remake of the second Front Mission game is launching for Nintendo Switch on June 12th, marking the first time the strategy RPG sequel has been available outside Japan. It'll feature a number of improvements, including a new free camera option, extra language support, and "modern in-game effects", among other things. A remake of Front Mission 3 was also announced last year, so stay tuned for more info on that and on all things Front Mission.


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