From Space Release Date Will Have You Liberating The Earth Soon

Published: August 19, 2022 9:51 AM /


From Space Shooting at Alien screenshot

Triangle Studios and Curve Games have just announced the From Space release date, which means the solo and co-op action shooter is releasing on September 29th, 2022. It will release on Steam, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99, and could hopefully provide a fun time for the whole family. It sounds like it's aiming for a similar vibe to Arcadegeddon, but instead of fighting a megacorporation you'll be saving the world from aliens. Let's take a closer look at From Space, shall we?

What can I expect on the From Space release date?

With the From Space release date just over a month away, players should know that up to four players will be able to enjoy the co-op online mode together. You'll all be able to group up and take on the alien hordes that have invaded Earth, employing rocket launchers, miniguns, and flamethrowers to clear them out. Barbed wire and machine gun turrets can also be used, and be sure to also scavenge the world for usable loot to use against the invaders.


The selectable characters in From Space are all different, which means that players will be able to use the unique ability and weapons that come with them. With your squad, players will be able to mix and match and see which abilities work best when it comes to saving the world from the pink aliens. Once players level up, they'll be able to attach perks to their characters that will help them become more adept at wiping the aliens out. This is good because the aliens will become more powerful as well, and to stop the alien tides players can also swap perks amongst their squad.

From Space aliens being destroyed
Players will shoot many aliens on the From Space release date.

Want to see the From Space release date trailer? Check it out below!

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