Friday The 13th Single Player Delayed, Broken into Multiple Parts

Gaming article by Don Parsons on Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 22:22

Illfonic has released a new update on their forums detailing the status of development and future plans on Friday the 13th: The Game.

The biggest news is confirmation that the Friday the 13th single player component is going to be delayed, after originally not releasing with the game back in May. Formerly set for release this summer, Illfonic explains that the reason for this falling behind schedule is wanting to focus on fixing up the core game before adding new content to it. Joshua Gertz, the executive producer, said that they have now reached the turning point on stability and are now doubling down on that point. In his part of the post he writes:

We have hired additional people, are working with contractors and even diverted others working on other tasks to help. We have also decided to take a look at Single Player and we are breaking it into a number of different experiences that can be released independent of one another. This way as soon as one thing is done we can launch it without having to wait on everything else.
Meaning that it is possible some single player content will arrive sooner, but the full single-player experience is still a while away. He also wanted to address what he believes is a misconception regarding content launches and how it affects the development of single player. In particular, cosmetic things like an artist working on a new outfit are not interfering with things like the needs to get a designer scripting the events or a programming AI person working to optimize the single player AI. What he does say slows that part of development is bugs and stability because that programmer may need to fix those, while the designer may need to fix balance or gameplay problems on a map.

Beyond single player, there were several other things brought up and addressed. Gertz also tackled the issue of why there hadn't been any fixes on Xbox One since the patch release at the end of August, while PC and PlayStation 4 received updates. According to Gertz, Microsoft only allows developers to have one thing in certification at a time (the process where the platform holder tests the update for issues with the system), and they had the Xbox One disc exclusive DLC in certification, followed by the disc itself. While there were no failures in certification, which could have set things back further, it did prevent them from updating that build for several weeks. As of yesterday, they are in the clear and are finalizing the patch detailed on September 7 with a few additional fixes.

Lastly, but not least, the article opened up with an image showing their roadmap for releases. With that, we can see that what is coming next is some free emotes, followed by a clothing pack, and several more things, but we won't be seeing any single player until after Halloween according to this, with the Single Player Challenges Demo set after that. The full Single Player Challenges Demo won't be until sometime in the Winter.

Friday the 13th Roadmap

What do you think of this news? Are you frustrated that Friday The 13th Single Player may not be arriving until next year? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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