Frictional Games Announces Amnesia: Rebirth

Published: March 6, 2020 8:37 AM /


The logo for Amnesia: Rebirth

Frictional Games has announced a new title in its Amnesia series. The new game is called Amnesia: Rebirth and will land sometime in Autumn this year.

The Swedish studio announced its latest project via Twitter, after previously creating an alternate reality game which led to a teaser trailer. In the announcement tweet, Frictional says Amnesia: Rebirth will be "a harrowing journey through desolation and despair". It's set in the same world as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and will follow new character Tasi Trianon. Tasi must explore the Algerian desert as she pulls together the fragments of her broken past. You can check out the announcement trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth below:

We don't know too much about the gameplay in Amnesia: Rebirth yet. If the franchise's previous installments are anything to go by, you'll be fleeing from shambling horrors, solving physics puzzles, and generally being terrified. Frictional says its game will "[explore] the limits of human resilience" and provides the following teaser paragraph to set you up for the horrors to come:

 You can’t let out a breath. The creature is only inches away. Its sole purpose – to feed off your terror. And so you crouch in the dark, trying to stop the fear rising, trying to silence what lies within you.

You'll be able to get your hands on Amnesia: Rebirth when it launches for PC and PlayStation 4 this autumn. There's no word yet on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch release. If you want to know more about the game, you can wishlist it on Steam right now. The devs say that's the best way to keep up with updates on Amnesia: Rebirth as they're released. You can also follow Frictional on Twitter and head over to the official Discord channel to learn more.

Are you looking forward to playing Amnesia: Rebirth? Let us know in the comments below!

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