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Published: February 3, 2017 4:00 PM /


Freedom Planet 2 Heroes

If you’re aching to get a taste of some Sonic-inspired 2D platforming action, GalaxyTrail has released a free demo of their upcoming release, Freedom Planet 2. Released a couple of days ago, the demo will let you get a taste of the “momentum-based combat” that defines the series. A single level, “Dragon Valley”, will let you play with all four characters and try out several items to get a feel for the game.

The developers are hoping that this sequel will help define the series, its mechanics, and its characters a bit better than the original game. Freedom Planet started its life as a Sonic fan game and was eventually reskinned and retooled before being released on PC and Wii U. That Sonic foundation was somewhat noticeable in the first game, and GalaxyTrail is hoping to leave that legacy behind and gain its own reputation.

It’s also notable that even though the first game relied on a Kickstarter program to complete its development, Freedom Planet 2 is being made without crowd funding. The developer asks that if you wish to support the second game, then purchase a copy (or copies) of Freedom Planet. It’s nice to see a somewhat niche series be successful enough to not rely on crowd funding.

Be warned that the Freedom Planet 2 demo is coming from an in-development game, so controls customization is not available, and several significant bugs have already been reported and patched in the last two days. That said, a quick jaunt through showed it to be very polished already and it certainly gives you a feel for the mechanics, art, and sound design that GalaxyTrail is after. The pixel art for the characters and level certainly still have a Sonic aura to them, but look significantly more detailed and refined than the classic Genesis games.

A release date for the final game is still uncertain, with their current commitment of making a beta available in “mid-2017” their only statement on the matter.

Give the demo a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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