Francisco Gonzalez Announces New Game Lamplight City

Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 09:45 | By: Robert N. Adams
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Francisco Gonzalez (developer of adventure game titles Shardlight for Wadjet Eye Games and A Golden Wake for his company Grundislav Games) has announced a new game titled Lamplight City on the official Adventure Game Studio forums.

Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in New Bretagne, Louisiana in an alternate era with a steampunk flair. The protagonist is Detective Miles Fordham, a former policeman who is haunted by the voice of his deceased partner (serving as the game's narrator). You'll be able to progress through five separate detective cases using a single-click interface (similar to the one featured in Shardlight) while gathering clues in your casebook.

For police detective turned private investigator Miles Fordham, Lamplight City's shadowy corners are just part of the territory. But with his former partner constantly speaking to him from beyond the grave, his grip on sanity is slowly loosening. Can Miles find justice for his clients and track down his partner’s killer before his entire world comes apart?

For the moment, Lamplight City is a solo project under Grundislav Games with Mr. Gonzalez having done all of the work in the game by himself up to this point. Hints of his new project can be found in his Twitter timeline such as this tweet for animation reference and this tweet for clothing reference.

Francisco Gonzalez's previous title Shardlight (which we reviewed here) was launched in March of 2016. Shardlight was published through Wadjet Eye Games. When asked in the forum thread if Wadjet Eye Games would be publishing Lamplight City as well he stated, "I'm pretty sure [Dave Gilbert, CCO of Wadjet Eye Games] is interested in publishing, but for now it's solo." I interviewed Mr. Gonzalez for TechRaptor about Shardlight and the design process behind adventure games in December of 2015.

Lamplight City has an expected release date of 2017 for PC. In the meantime, have a look at a collection of screenshots released in concert with the announcement as well as previous work posted on Twitter from the last several months:

Are you fond of adventure games? Do you prefer the more pixelated look of classic games or do you prefer a more modern aesthetic? What's your favorite adventure game? Let us know in the comments below!

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