Foxhole Update 'Entrenched' Significantly Increases Map Size

The persistent war strategy game Foxhole has released a major update that can support 3,000 players at a time and increased the map by 60 percent.

Published: September 23, 2021 10:23 AM /



The massively multiplayer persistent war strategy game Foxhole has released latest update, Entrenched, which increases its map size by sixty percent. Basically, the latest Foxhole Update means that its world size can now support 3,000 soldiers at a time as well, which should result in livelier and more extensive battles for those involved in the endless war.

For those who haven't heard of Foxhole, it's very player-centric in its sandbox design, compared to more designer-focused multiplayer shooters like Destiny 2, it hews closer to something like Eve Online with players handling and building many elements. For instance, this update allows players to construct "dozens of new fortifications" while Eve Online offers grief counseling for players losing their first ships, battles with 6,500 participants, and updates that ask players to rebuild the galaxy.

"Every year the Foxhole community continues to grow, and over last year, the game’s average concurrent player count has more than quadrupled, which resulted in the highest number of players ever participating in a single war,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Siege Camp. “Across five years of development and 46 game updates, we’ve committed to building a very unique game where you have to cooperate with thousands of other players to win a war. Entrenched is the next step for Foxhole, but we have even bigger plans in store for the future of the game." 

What else is included in Foxhole Entrenched?

Fourteen new hexagon regions have been added in the latest Foxhole update, which should provide "the space needed for larger scale wars, greater strategical depth, and a more dynamic frontline." There will be never-before-seen towns, villages, and other places that will catch your interest.

There are now visually distinct uniforms that can provide one or more gameplay benefits, such as special inventories, camouflage to throw off enemy intelligence, or protection from harsh weather, as fighting in the winter is never fun. 

Engineers will now be able to build buildings on the frontline, which will allow players to use sandbags, barbed-wire spools, and metal beams to build new fortifications. These fortifications can dynamically scale, bend, or snap, and can be built on strategic buildings such as bridges.

Entrenched Bridge
A captured bridge in Foxhole Entrenched.

Tanks will also be able to travel over trenches, trenches can be filled in, and foxholes can be dug out for basic cover in a pinch. If you're cool enough to be in a bunker, they can now have lights, can be used for observation, and can be an intelligence center that intercepts enemy transmissions. There are also stairs, ladders, trench tunnels, interior firing ports, and parapets that are new modification types for bunker and trench networks.

Last but not least there are new rifle classes, intelligence features, new tank classes, a dynamic camera system, and more for you to discover in-game. Due to the release of the latest Foxhole update, it's available for 30% off for $13.99 until September 27.

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