Four Sided Fantasy to be Released for PlayStation 4 Summer 2016

Published: May 12, 2016 9:30 AM /


Four Sided Fantasy

The puzzle game genre will soon have a new addition to its library as Logan Fieth of Ludo Land announced today the launch period of his team's first title, Four Sided FantasyDescribed on Ludo Land's website as "a spiritual successor to one of Logan's student projects", Four Sided Fantasy uses the wraparound variation of single-screen gameplay found in titles like Space Race, Asteroids, Pac-Man, and other games throughout the early years of the video game industry.  Unlike those titles, in Four Sided Fantasy players can "toggle" the wraparound effect, turning it off and on when needed to progress through the game and efficiently solve puzzles.

Fieth, who previously worked on Perspective as the game's lead level designer, has described Four Sided Fantasy's atmosphere as "dream-like", stating that he drew inspiration from films for Ludo Land's first title - the game will use "filmic transitions" such as screen wipes and jump cuts when the player moves to a new screen.  The atmospheric trailer released by Ludo Land shows that Four Sided Fantasy uses bright, vibrant colors for the environment that the player character explores; this atmosphere was inspired by illustrations from Justin Mezzell according to Ludo Land concept and environment artist Jason Wang.

A gameplay video will be released by Ludo Land soon, but in the meantime, the atmospheric video can be viewed below.  In addition, TechRaptor's own Sam Mcarthur-Mclean got a chance to play a demo version of the game at EGX 2015 and wrote an article detailing his thoughts on it.

Four Sided Fantasy was funded by a Kickstarter project that launched on April 2, 2014, and reached complete funding on May 6, 2014. The title received $37,912 from its backers over the course of the campaign. While originally Four Sided Fantasy was set to be published by Curve Digital and released for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, Ludo Land has since clarified that while Curve Digital and Ludo Land are on good terms, the game will instead be published by Serenity Forge and will only be released for the PlayStation 4 in Summer 2016.  Four Sided Fantasy has also been Greenlit on Steam. It is currently unknown if Ludo Land has plans for a PC release.

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