Four Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games Revealed

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Four free Sega 60th Anniversary games have been revealed, each of which will be released for one day only on October 15–18, 2020, as part of the company's 60th Anniversary Sale on Steam.

Late last week, the first details on the Sega 60th Anniversary Sale were revealed. The longtime game developer and publisher is selling many of its past and present games at great discounts, but that's not all that it has planned — a selection of special, limited-edition games are going to be given away completely for free.

What Are the Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games?

"Grab our EXCLUSIVE FREE MINI-GAMES that we’re giving away every day from October 15th – 18th," Sega said in the original announcement. "These brand new games were created just for SEGA’s 60th and are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Be sure to come back every day to claim the daily mini-game!"

The four games that would be given away have now popped up on Steam and they appear to give players a little bit of everything, touching on many of the genres that Sega is well-known for. Best of all, one of the free Sega 60th Anniversary Games is something extra special: a Golden Axe game that never got made.

Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games - Armor of Heroes

Armor of Heroes - October 15, 2020

First up is Armor of Heroes, a tank battle game that will make its debut on October 15, 2020. This game makes use of art and models from Relic's Company of Heroes franchise to make an entirely new game.

Gamers can jump into four-player battles against other people or AI opponents in three "scoring modes": Deathmatch, Score Zone, and Survival. Deathmatch requires players to get the highest score possible in a limited time and Survival gives players a limited number of overall lives. Score Zone, however, is a little more interesting: you'll only get points when you're within a particular zone.

Armor of Heroes also features nine game modes and four levels, each of which has destructible scenery. The game also supports Remote Play Together.

Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games - Endless Zone

Endless Zone - October 16, 2020

Endless Zone looks an awful lot like those classic 2D spaceship shooters of yesteryear, but this game is a little different. In the time before Endless Legend or Dungeon of the Endless, Opbot was a Field Surgeon and Organ Recovery Specialist while serving in the Mezari military.

Players must fly through several levels in their attempt to escape the Mezari Empire in an escape pod that fortunately happens to be equipped with guns. And if it isn't entirely clear, this game essentially takes the classic game Fantasy Zone and adds in some Endless Legend theming.

Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games - Streets of Kamurocho

Streets of Kamurocho - October 17, 2020

Mashing up Streets of Rage 2 with YakuzaStreets of Kamurocho lets players jump into battle as either Kiryu or Majima to brawl their way across town.

There's not really a lot to explain here. It's a Yakuza-themed beat 'em up game that you can get for free. Who wouldn't want to play it?

Free Sega 60th Anniversary Games - Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype

Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype - October 18, 2020

Finally, Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype may be the most interesting game of the bunch. While the other three games are mash-ups of other titles, Golden Axed was actually a prototype for a proposed game.

Specifically, this game is a "vertical slice" — a short but complete experience that is used to demonstrate how a finished game product would work. Golden Axe Reborn was never actually produced, but Sega has repackaged this prototype into something a little more playable and given it a cheeky title.

Two Point Hospital Gives Away Free Items

Although the free Sega 60th Anniversary games are the biggest news, they're not the only freebie that's being given away in celebration of this major milestone. Two Point Hospital is also giving away a free piece of DLC for its game which adds four new pieces of furniture to the game:

  • SEGA Out Run machine
  • One-eyed Mammoth (from Space Harrier)
  • SEGA Dream Catcher machine
  • SEGA Periscope Arcade Game

For now, you can grab the Two Point Hospital Sega 60th Items for free on Steam right now. You will, of course, need Two Point Hospital to use these items; you can buy Two Point Hospital on Steam as part of the Sega 60th Anniversary sale for just $10.49, a hefty 70% discount. You can also buy the Two Point Hospital: Healthy Collection Vol. 3 bundle on Steam and get the base game and all of its DLC for $26.98, a 62% discount.

Sega Gives Away Free Copy of NiGHTS into Dreams on Anniversary Site

Update [October 14, 7:50 PM] This segment was added upon discovery of this additional offer from Sega.

The free Sega 60th Anniversary games also includes one legendary title from the Dreamcast days: NiGHTS into Dreams.

"Sign up to our 60th anniversary celebrations and claim a FREE PC Steam copy of the SEGA Saturan cult classic NiGHTS into Dreams when you link your Steam account," read the frontpage of the website.

As with Two Point Hospital, this offer is also available now. You'll also get access to some neat digital goodies, so it certainly can't hurt to give it a go. Keep in mind, however, that there are only a limited supply of game keys; don't delay if you want to pick it up! Head on over to to grab your free copy of this game before they're all gone.

As for the other free Sega 60th Anniversary games, each title will go live on Steam on its listed day. You don't want to delay in getting these free games, though — they go away forever on October 19, 2020, at 1:00 PM Eastern.

What do you think of the free Sega 60th Anniversary games? What's your favorite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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