Forza Motorsport Release Window Set For Spring 2023

Published: June 12, 2022 1:31 PM /


Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport, the latest iteration in the popular racing franchise, will be coming to Xbox, PC, and Cloud gaming early next year. The new Forza Motorsport release window is spring 2023, and it'll be available day one on Game Pass. The Xbox E3 2022 showcase revealed the advancements they've made in the engine for enhanced realism: dynamic times of day, weather changes, temperature adjustments, and more.

Forza Motorsport Release Window


New features such as tire and fuel management create a game perfect for car enthusiasts, and Forza Motorsport will showcase additional graphical advancements such as ray-tracing, real-time vehicle damage and more. You can play Forza Motorsport when we reach the Forza Motorsport release window next year.

Forza Motorsport Offers Impressive Technical Improvements

Forza Motorsport is the follow-up to 2017's Forza Motorsport 7, and you'll be able to play it next spring. For this iteration, every track in Forza Motorsport has been built from the ground up. The game also focuses on overhauled physics, focusing on everything from the weather conditions to the vehicles themselves. This will be felt as the weather, track conditions, and even ambient temperature change from race to race. 

Plus, real-time ray tracing makes these environments and the gorgeous design of the high-performance cars stand out that much more. This all-new Forza Motorsport demonstrates a generational leap in what's possible in modern racing games, and we'll all be able to check it out for ourselves when the Forza Motorsport release date arrives next Spring. 


In the first-ever Forza Motorsport gameplay reveal, the new trailer showed everything from an assortment of unique vehicles to the different tracks players will be able to race on. This includes Maple Valley, a fan-favorite track from the very first Forza Motorsport game. 

Experience Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X/S

Forza Motorsport racing

Built to showcase what the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are capable of, Forza Motorsport has been optimized for Microsoft's current-gen consoles. The time of day will affect the ambient temperature of the track, which in turn affects how your vehicle will handle in each race. Not only that, but real-time vehicle damage has been reproduced to an impressive extent, even showcasing the individual scratches and dings your car will get with every collision. This authenticity will be warmly welcomed by Forza fans when the Forza Motorsport release date reaches us next spring. 


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