Fortnite Zero Build Removes Building In New Permanent Mode

Published: March 29, 2022 9:35 AM /


Fortnite Zero Build

If you love the idea of Fortnite but could never get into the idea of building ridiculously fast, Fortnite Zero Build might be what you've always wanted. The mode will test players on their "weapon, item, and traversal ability", and thankfully not on how fast they can build a giant fort. Basically, you don't have to build in this mode, and to try out the mode in the Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists you simply have to go to the 'Discover' page and click on the 'Change' button above 'Play' in the Lobby.

What changes are in Fortnite Zero Build?

Besides the obvious one, all players have a recharging Overshield as their first line of defense. Players will also be able to use Ascenders to access Blimps, or use Mantling in order to get the high ground on their opponents, just like Obi-Wan Kenobi did. You can also use Sprint, which is obvious but hey, at least Epic didn't remove it for some reason, eh?


This mode was originally a limited time mode as part of a new patch, but with a lot of people loving it, Epic Games seemingly saw the positive press from streamers like Hypex, many of whom have been opining that the no-build mechanic should be permanent, while sharing a screenshot of many popular streamers playing Fortnite when they normally wouldn't (although the new season probably helped too). The response from gamers has also been largely positive, and the Fortnite community is large enough that a split playerbase isn't a concern. I'm personally one of those people who like this change, because I always liked the game itself, but the building was a big turnoff. I'm an elite sniper, not Bob the Builder, damnit!

Want to see the Fortnite Zero Build gameplay in action? Check out the trailer below!

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