Fortnite v3.5 Brings Port-A-Fort, Replay, and New Skins

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The new Fortnite v3.5 patch is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile. The update includes new items, another limited-time game mode, a system for rewatching matches, and plenty of other changes.

Version 3.5 adds the previously-teased Port-A-Fort throwable item, which constructs a three-story fort upon impact. This new piece of equipment allows players to easily throw up a build mid-battle, leveling the playing field between Fortnite rookies and master-builders. These new throwables only drop one at a time.

The 50 v 50 limited-time game mode will be returning to Fortnite: Battle Royale sometime next week after a short delay. Rebranded as 50 v 50 v2, this updated version of the team-based mode brings some changes, with faster gathering rates and more weapon spawns than its last time around.

Save the World has some new content as well. The patch adds new cosmetic cyberpunk-themed neon weapon and character skins. The Survive the Storm area is also back, along with a new questline, “Intro to the Storm: Opening Act” for players to tackle.

Cyberpunk-Themed Skins
Cyberpunk-Themed Character Skins (Credit: Epic)

The final big part of the update is the Replay feature. Players can save their matches to be watched back with the new system. It includes a choice of multiple camera modes aside from the traditional third-person. Replay includes a variety of cinematic options for editing saved replays. Replay allows for spiffy highlight reels, post-game analyses, and a lot of other potential uses.

Some other notable changes include purchased V-Bucks now sharing across platforms, nerfs to the Guided Missile, console load time improvements, and the mobile version audio-indicator no longer showing silenced gunfire and crouched players’ movement.

Cyberpunk-Themed Weapon Skins
Cyberpunk-Themed Weapon Skins (Credit: Epic)

Fortnite ran into some server trouble after the v3.5 patch. Online features were plagued with issues for roughly 24 hours after the 3.5 patch was released. Epic has released a statement apologizing for the downtime and offering players some gifts for being "awesome and patient".

This weekend, Battle Royale players will be able to pick up a free Back Bling gift in the store and Save the World players will have a free Troll Stash Llama available under their loot tab.

Next week will bring more free stuff to make up for the issues. A pack of Battle Stars for Battle Royale players, and Seasonal Gold for Save the World players. These freebies will be handed out during next week's scheduled downtime.

The statement assures players that Epic will have more details on what exactly caused the issues sometime next week.

The v3.5 patch includes plenty of other small adjustments and bug fixes along with the additions mentioned above. You can find a list of everything v3.5 brings to Fortnite in the patch notes on Epic Game’s blog post. They have also already released the v3.5.1 patch including more bug fixes, you can find the list of those fixes here.

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