Fortnite v23.20 Update Brings New Weapon, Shield, and More

Published: January 18, 2023 1:43 PM /


Fortnite v23.20 update trailer screenshot

The Fortnite Team has announced quite a few items, weapons, shields, and bug fixes that came with the latest v23.20 update, including the Falcon Scout. 5

The Falcon Scout item is like a drone but has the ability to mark targets within a certain radius using Caw, ping an area on the map for you and your teammates to run to, and can even be used to pick up containers or loot. Players will be able to control the drone, and their field of view will shift to behind the Falcon. While that helps in terms of control, it also means your character is standing completely defenseless as long as you are flying around and picking out a spot. Make sure to either stand in a safe place or have a few people nearby in case something goes awry. 

On top of the Scout comes a new melee weapon; the Shockwave Hammer. This weapon does a good amount of damage to enemies and comes with a pretty nifty ability. Players can charge up the Slam attack, which can be used to launch themselves, another player, a squad, or an enemy a great distance by using the fire button while in mid-air. The devs say players can think of it as a blend of the Shockwave Grenade and a hammer. 

Of course, as with any good update, there were a few bug fixes and extra items thrown into the mix. One of the bigger fixes was the placing of the Skydome device, which gave quite a few players some issues. The Guardian Sheild, a new Ball Spawner, and Reboot Van Spawner have also been added in as well. To check out the full list of items, fixes and updates that came to Fortnite today, check out the Epic Games page

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