Fortnite Streamer JoeyB and Community Help Troubled Kid

JoeyB Fortnite Stream Kindness

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Fortnite Streamer JoeyB and Community Help Troubled Kid

September 6, 2020

By: Robert Grosso

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Often, feel good stories regarding players and the gaming world are overlooked. So I figure why not check out small moments where gamers are at their best.

This time around, we turn the spotlight on a Twitch Streamer going by the handle of itsJoeyB

A predominantly Fortnite player,  JoeyB offers family-friendly content for younger gamers out there to enjoy, including bringing in players on his team live as they talk about and play Fortnite. He also offers giveaways for Fortnite V-Bucks, the in-game currency that you can use to buy weapons, skins, and other extras in Fortnite

JoeyB also runs a TikTok account, where he often posts snippets of his streams online for people. It was two days ago when the account posted a heart-felt video, edited by JoeyB, where a young viewer began talking about how his family was going through hard times.


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Some things spoken about included how the child's father left them and their mother, and how the mother works at McDonalds and gives the kid free toys all the time. The kid also spoke about how their mother saved up a lot of money to buy an Xbox and Fortnite for them. 

You can tell in the video, despite the added music, that the kid was genuine in what he was telling JoeyB, who promised to give the kid V-bucks if they win the match. While it is unknown if they won or lost (the original video cannot be found at this time), JoeyB was good on his word, making the kid's day towards the end of the video, which is a much watch. Since then, there have been reports that the community has been donating money to help the family get through the hard times, although sadly the video of this wasn't saved. We do however know that there is a part 2 of this story coming, as JoeyB mentioned talking to the mother and having recorded it for another video, that is still forthcoming.

The video has spawned thousands of comments and over 3.8 million views on TikTok, and has already begun to spread to other forms of social media. 

It just goes to show that small acts of kindness and genuine altruism provide a powerful positive space. Kudos to JoeyB for his kind gesture.

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