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Fortnite Ray Tracing Coming Soon

September 1, 2020

By: Don Parsons

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As we're moving towards the next generation consoles, we're going to see more games announcing ray tracing and other relatively newer graphics technologies. That said, when the market leader does it, its still news, and thus we are sharing that today Nvidia and Epic Games announced Fortnite ray tracing is coming 'soon'.

While the next generation consoles are one thing, it is worth noting that with Nvidia here, this is for PC and means that there will be support for Nvidia's RTX mode. Fortnite will be turning RTX On, and that means ray tracing for it, and they also announced DLSS support for Fortnite. A new trailer was released by Epic Games and Nvidia showing what this could look like:

Real time Ray tracing on Fortnite will mean that the game could look better for those with the ability to turn it on. There is possibly also some minor advantage issue as the real time shadows that come from ray-tracing could provide additional information to players, but that seems unlikely to be a major issue and it hasn't been one for games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege.

Quick Take

I'm a bit of a skeptic on Ray Tracing - it has looked great at times like in Minecraft, but to do that took a lot of sacrifices and Fortnite presents many of the same problems with the building going on everywhere. I don't doubt that real-time raytracing is going to become a standard, I'm just not sold that the weaker implementations of it are as visually stunning (compared to like path-tracing that Minecraft used) and its all card intensive.


What do you think about Fortnite ray tracing? Will you be saying RTX On to Fortnite when it gets this update 'soon'? Let us know in the comments below!

Don Parsons
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