Fortnite Party Royale Disabled to Fix Issues

Published: April 20, 2022 2:22 PM /


Fortnite Party Royale Disabled cover

The Fortnite Party Royale game mode has been temporarily disabled in order to fix unspecified in-game issues with this Battle Royale's combat-free hangout.

Fortnite is a game that's all about intense Battle Royale combat, but it has its fair share of oddball experiences, too. One of these nonstandard game modes is Party Royale, a sort of "hang out" game mode that was first datamined back in 2020. Since then, it's served as a place for players to chill or the location of the occasional weird event or in-game concert -- and now it's been removed from the rotation with little to no warning.

Why is Fortnite Party Royale Down?

Fortnite Party Royale is down due to unspecified problems with the combat-free game mode. It's been removed from the rotation of selectable game modes while Epic Games works to fix the issue.

"Party Royale has been temporarily removed as we work on fixing some issues in the experience," read a tweet from @FortniteStatus (via @iFireMonkey and @Luwwani).

Unfortunately, there's been no explanation of why the game mode was removed outside of Epic Games' desire to fix "some issues." Whatever the problem may be, it's not listed in the official Community Issues Trello board.

In the interim, Fortnite has two interesting limited-time events going on. The first is the opportunity to grab some cool Coachella-themed cosmetics from now until May 16, 2022. The second is the first day of the Fortnite Lantern Trials which gives you the opportunity to earn some in-game cosmetics simply by playing the game.

Hopefully, the Fortnite Party Royale situation will be resolved sooner rather than later. For now, you can play Fortnite for free on PC and consoles via its official website or your gaming console's in-game store.

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